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LaGaylia is a real find and ought not to be confined to any one location in the world….she took command of song and audience in a rendition of Fats Domino’s “I’m walkin’, and didn’t let go all evening. Minutes and then over an hour fled by as the audience was enchanted by her enormous vocal range, agile phrasing, fearsome soul-jazz power and dynamic physical performance. It was impossible to detect an ounce of insincerity in gesture or sound. There seemed no limit to the range of expression she could draw forth. Though musically exposed she didn’t put a foot wrong. There were familiar routines but they could have been invented right there that night, so fresh was LaGaylia’s delivery. This set was surely the highlight of the festival.

Mark Gilbert, Jazz Journal (England), September 2011 (Ystad Jazz Festival)

When LaGaylia sweeps her sharp and voluminous voice around songs as Rob McKuens “Jean”, carried by and carrying Lundgren’s piano playing in a rarely intimate collaboration, the atmosphere is breathless.

Ystad Allehanda, 6th August 2011 (Ystad Jazz Festival with Jan Lundgren Trio)

An exciting encounter, an intense musical duel with two artists from the top of the international league. A hot night with fire. From a girl who has become so Swedish that she learned the word “lagom.” But please LaGaylia, never become “lagom”. We want you just as you are. So far from “lagom” as you can get.

Eskilstuna-Kuriren, 30th April 2011 (Jazz concert with Jan Lundgren trio)

 Behind every word was a genuine and vibrant soulfulness

Sundsvalls Tidning, 19th April 2011 (Jazz concert).

 In addition to numbers from opera, musicals and revues LaGaylia generates a lot of guts in Otis Redding’s “Respect” and she creates a soul sensation in Duffy’s “Mercy”, where she trips around on sexy legs. This is the spice that lifts the entirety.

Svenska Dagbladet, 8th January 2011 (Berwald Hall Symphony Concert/broadcasted on Tv)

 With the show’s brightest shining star, LaGaylia, this is close to success. She is so spot on in everything.
She sings with an extreme sincere expression and with a driving force, directly from the heart and tongue in cheek, if necessary. Her version of “And I’m Telling You” is dizzyingly good.

Expressen, 26th November 2010 (Blues Mothers)

A record crowd enjoyed a superstar. A smashing success in front of a record crowd. With a newly obtained Anita O’Day Scholarship and not least with a blessed voice, the versatile LaGaylia Frazier is well prepared to achieve superstar status.

Barometern, 25th October 2010 (Jazz concert with Jan Lundgren Trio)

 Starry introduction to the jazz summer. Frazier is an excellent jazz singer with foremost a breathtakingly beautiful lower register.

Ystads Allehanda, 9th July 2011 (Jazz Concert with Jan Lundgren Trio)


LaGaylia and Gino Vanelli ruled the stage as Wells and the gang visited Dalhalla for the last time.

Dala-Demokraten, 17th July 2010 (Rhapsody in rock)

Where LaGaylia is outstanding. Wonder how her native United States could miss
this remarkably talented singer!

Expressen, 12th August 2009 (Rhapsody in rock)

 She comes in after three quarters and tears off the Beatles “With a little help from my friends” so that Wells’ famous mane of hair coats. My God, she sings. How she’s not a mega star is one of the great mysteries of the Swedish pop history.

Expressen, 12th July 2009 (Rhapsody in Rock)

 LaGaylia – a musical cyclone. Unleash her and the five-strong soul and funk band
on stage -  the audience unconditionally surrenders. A greater groove is unheard of.

Eskilstuna-Kuriren, 4th April 2009 (Soul/funk concert)

Intense and vibrant hot. Her intense love affair with music and to the musicians can not be mistaken.

Sodermanlands Nyheter, 30th March 2008 (Soul/Funk concert)

 LaGaylia‘s hallmark is her charisma and stage personality. Tonight she is sharper than ever

Dagbladet, 24th September 2007 (Soul/funk concert)

 Funk permeates the full room and LaGaylia grooves as much as the music, literally.

Norrkopings Tidningar, 20th September 2007 (Soul/funk concert)

 With more energy than a heating plant’s total power production and a seemingly unlimited vocal capacity LaGaylia took over Sigurdsgatan 25 this Friday.

Vasteras Tidningar, 19th September 2007 (Soul/Funk Concert)

The album’s definite highlight is the last track, “My Meditation”, an honest declaration of love in a true jazz mood. Another song that doesn’t let go, due to other circumstances though, is “Only Love”. It’s like made for a movie…
Vimmerby Tidning, 9th February 2007 (rating: 2 out of 5, review of album LaGaylia Uncovered)

…there are many intriguing aspects hiding in this sparkling artist’s “suitcase”. The album definitely grows on you everytime you listen. For those who only have seen and heard LaGaylia in “Rhapsody in Rock”, the album will be a very interesting and positive experience. The content is very varied with elements such as rock (yeah, you’re right) and soul, straight forward pop hits and, as our favorite track, an incredibly strong ballad, “Only Love”.
frontface.se, January 2007 (review of album LaGaylia Uncovered)

Here’s her debut album with entirely own composed material. A bit unexpected as LaGaylia often has been associated with cover tunes. The debut is magnificient. The album easily reaches beyond the average even if the material is somewhat uneven. The starting tracks are brilliant but then the quality dips a bit. But her phenomenal voice and charisma maintain the album’s final rating. And for me, tracks like “Witness”, “Smack” and “I believe in you” all have a great hit potential.
Sundsvalls Tidning, 28th January 2007 (rating: 3 out of 5, review of album LaGaylia Uncovered)

LaGaylia has bided her time to deliver something different than highly qualitative covers. With her voice that comprises the same strength, power and sharp address as Tina Turner and Sanne Salomonsen, she delivers a bunch of timeless, freshly written power-pop where whining guitar solos are never far away. This is highly energized music about love and the heart that cuts out radio P4′s mediocre repertory anytime.
Kristianstadsbladet, 27th January 2007 (rating: 3 out of 5, review of album LaGaylia Uncovered)

Sweden’s answer to Gloria Gaynor? Yes, I think so. Wellknown from Rhapsody in Rock and the Melody Grand Prix, LaGaylia takes a first step into songwriting with a very successfull result… it is so much more than danceable beats. LaGaylia proves to have a great feeling for melodies, she hits the tune as accurat as Carola and never becomes as stubbornly wailing as certain other singers. The single “Smack” is just one of many highlights on this album.
Arbetarbladet, 25th January 2007 (rating: 4 out of 5, review of album LaGaylia Uncovered)

This fall I visited “Rhapsody in Rock” in Gothenburg where LaGaylia was one of the very few highlights. And here on her debut album “Uncovered”, she gives us the same convincing expression as then.
Boras Tidning, 24th January 2007 (rating: 3 out of 5, review of album LaGaylia Uncovered)

Her own song, “The grass is always greener”, clearly sets the level. The soul-fly-funk is in her blood. The music comes from the body, the vocal chords are just their extension. And how easy it seems! LaGaylia is the obvious conductor and fellow musician. Her voice urges and challenges. She’s incredibly keen, sharp and on equal footing. With a voice from God, she does Aretha Franklin’s “Chain of Fools”, incredibly unobtrusive and at the same time hyper intense. Her interpretation doesn’t even make you long for the original, instead she invites us on a new but still permissive expedition.
Kristianstadsbladet, 9th October, 2006

When LaGaylia enters we get soul-jazz of the highest quality. She sings Chaka Khan, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Beatles and some goodies from Earth Wind and Fire. But it is not only covers, LaGaylia gives those old soul classics her very own, inventive expression.
NSD, 7th August, 2006

LaGaylia is the show’s dominating star, what a voice!
Aftonbladet, 13th July, 2006

 This Christmas comes with red and black. It is spellt LaGaylia Frazier. She glides like an angel into the room. In a red dress and with a black voice she makes us feel the world is fantastic.
Dagbladet, December 5th, 2005

So, I am totally entranced by LaGaylia Frazier. At times she totally steals the show. Martin Stenmarck does good but LaGaylia outshines on stage.
Nerikes Allehanda, Eva Åkesson, 24th October, 2005

LaGaylia is one of Putte Wickman’s new friends and was a positive chock experience for the audience. She beamed musicality from top to toe. She sang, not only with her vocal chords but with the entire body and the audience was delighted. She clearly sang out to Putte Wickman and despite not having learnt Swedish, she gave the audience an interpretation of Wreesvijk’s “Cecilia Lind” in Swedish that left noone untouched. Gooseflesh is just the pre-name.
Jonkopingsposten, 10th October, 2005

Very quickly, you feel when an artist is real. Some become slightly nerdy when they try to establish intimity. It all goes wrong as you know when it is not from the heart. An artist who has an enormous heart and who must have been created on a day when God was in a good mood, is LaGaylia. What a woman!
Gotlandstidningen, 27th September, 2005

The fantastic weather and LaGaylia’s participation lifted the Victoria Day’s celebration that generally performed a mixed quality.
Östra Smaland, 15th July, 2005

And finally, the best of all, the unannounced guest performer LaGaylia, the singer that has become so acclimatized that she starts talking not bad Swedish. Thank you, this girl we’d like to adopt for good. Because how she sings! A voice like the sharpest solo instrument with a feeling that grabs the audience.  …without the slightest touch of a boring routine. A delightful “On a clear day” followed by ” I’ll remember April”, a song that most performers don’t dare to touch vocally. But LaGaylia does and even gets going with scat singing. Guess if this bundle of charm got the audience going.
Eskilstuna-Kuriren, 9th of July, 2005

Wow, plain and elegant. This outfit becomes her really well. Gorgeous, glam and Diva-like! She actually gives an air of an international soul Diva.
Expressen, Ebba von Sydow, 27th February, 2005

Whitney Houston, take a running jump at yourself! Here is a singer who’s as beautiful as she sings. The black & white Diva dress is one of the most exquisite we’ve seen in this year’s rendition of the Melody Festival. The four mirrors enhance the dress in a spectacular and elegant way. Wow, LaGaylia!
Aftonbladet, 27th February, 2005

As LaGaylia was let loose on stage it felt like someone lit a firework !  Together with Putte Wickman and Anders Berglund’s Big Band, she sang Chaka Khan’s version of “A night in Tunisia” and later one of the best arrangements I’ve ever heard of “On the street where you live”. What a turn on and what an acting !

Ostgota Correspondenten, 24th September, 2004

As LaGaylia enters the stage with Putte Wickman and starts off the Chaka Khan version of “A night in Tunisia”, it’s a serious game – Jesus what a swing! LaGaylia dances back and forth and joins in with Putte’s clarinet phrasings and finally completes it all with a yell, showing a voice that makes men cry of happiness. Arbetarbladet, 16th September, 2004 (A tribute to Putte Concert Tour)

The best moment of the evening was LaGaylia when she sang Sting’s “Fields of Gold” in Eva Cassidy’s version. Very, very strong!
Aftonbladet, 6th May, 2004

LaGaylia certainly swept the stage in comparison with most other singers. I was deeply impressed by her voice. But honestly, do you remember the song at all ?
Nerikes Allehanda, 28th February, 2004  (Melody Festival 2004)

 Martin Stenmarck, Andreas Lundstedt and Magnus Carlsson were good, but LaGaylia stands as a role model for other artists how to perform in a program like this.

Aftonbladet, 31st January, 2004 (Tv critic on “Sing that Tune”)

With this kind of “gut feeling”  that makes your body and soul come alive, it’s worth the highest points possible. Never before have I felt so happy and absorbed by a public appearance!
5 out of 5 possible points – Sundsvalls Tidning, 19th November, 2003 (LaGaylia’s Charity Concert for the war victims of Iraq)

LaGaylia lifted the packed hall. With a carisma beyond comparison and an obvious stage authority she immediately controlled the stage as well as the audience. As LaGaylia pulled off an Aretha Franklin-medley she did the Motown-genre more justice than Jackson’s Little Michael.
VLT, 9th October, 2003 (a Motown concert with other singers)

LaGaylia (Anita) makes her musical theatre debut with extreme brilliance. She completes the first act with “Somewhere”, after having pulled off the strikingly powerful number, “America”.
Kvallsposten, 15th September, 2003 (West Side Story at Malmo Opera House)

 LaGaylia Frazier sends thrills down your spine. She performs “ I can’t make you love me” almost as good as Bonnie Raitt. Thank you,  that LaGaylia was lured over here from Florida almost two years ago.
Boras Tidning, April 2003 (show Kajskjul 8, Gothenburg)

LaGaylia Frazier’s voice spans over an incredible register and she delivers with an impressing musical expression. Especially with Aretha Franklin’s “Think”, this evening’s highlight made you feel happy inside. Her interpretation of the famous “Georgia” was one of the best I have ever heard.
Vasabladet, Finland, March 2003

Best on TV : LaGaylia Frazier – one of Sweden’s greatest voices brought new life to the song, “Oh Happy Day”, in Bingolotto
Jonas Lundh, Aftonbladet, 24th December, 2002

There’s no magic until the singer extra ordinaire, LaGaylia Frazier, enters the stage. Just as previous year everybody else turns pale in comparison.
Norrlandska Socialdemokraten, 20th December, 2002

 Here appears the real Star of the evening: LaGaylia Frazier. She already impressed in Rhapsody in Rock two years ago. With her delightful voice she creates gooze bumps in songs such as …
Goteborgs-Posten, December 2002

Rhapsody has what is lacking on the musical stages in London now, said an experienced PR-guru after the show yesterday night. Besides, it has a singer with unique qualities. LaGaylia Frazier is the Star of the evening, but is hardly mentioned in the program. Why hide such a precious treasure ?
Kvallsposten, 27th November, 2002

A show that contains far too little of LaGaylia. This black woman from USA that moved to Sweden, fills the somewhat desolated house of the Royal Albert Hall with exceptional warmth, whatever she may sing. Spontaneously, I feel she should have been singing every song in the show.
Aftonbladet, 26th November, 2002

The colourful butterfly everyone is clambering for now, brought the sold out concert arena to its knees and the question is if this did not surpass Bjorn Skifs who appeared earlier this spring.
Helsingborgs Dagblad, 11th November, 2002 (solo concert)

LaGaylia was in charge of the first  highlight of the evening, a breathlessly beautiful  interpretation of “All by myself”, only that worth the ticket price.
GP, 19th July, 2002

 LaGaylia Frazier sings soul with an incredible intensity and feeling and with a remarkable pitch. The girl is a coming Super Star in the range of Tina Turner and Whitney Houston.
Nordvastra Skanes Tidningar, 19th July, 2002

Already in her first song, “All by myself”, LaGaylia floors the audience with her voice and in “Knock on wood” it smells of a young Tina Turner.
Expressen, 18th July, 2002

 The US-born singer’s interpretation of “And I’m telling you and “I can’t make you love me” are the hot shots on a record that comprises a total of 14 tracks.
Smalandsposten, 5th December, 2001 (Rhapsody in Rock, Completely Live)

 Among the special guests, LaGaylia Frazier shines the strongest. Alone she stands for my 4th rating symbol. The American from Florida is, God Damn it, the best singer that ever appeared on the Scandinavium arena stage.
GP, 3rd November, 2001

 LaGaylia Frazier with a voice as grand as the major American super-soul divas.
Nya Wermlandstidningen, 24th Oct, 2001

LaGaylia Frazier’s voice is like soft explosive.
Varmlands Folkblad, 24th Oct, 2001

All artists end up in the background of LaGaylia Frazier musically. Her voice is like a mix between Shirley Bassey and Tina Turner. This is soul !
Vasterbottenkuriren, 22nd Oct, 2001

LaGaylia from Florida is a find. Imagine there is so much power in such a small body. She sings soul with an incredible intensity and feeling, I don’t know if I have ever heard “Proud Mary” in a version as strong as hers.
GP, 15th July, 2000

 The one who distinguished herself the most was the American soul singer LaGaylia Frazier. With such a powerful voice one immediately has to make comparisons with one of the greatest in her genre – Aretha Franklin. I believe we will a hear a lot of LaGaylia in the near future.
VLT, 15th July, 2000 (Rhapsody in Rock)

 LaGaylia Frazier, the Artist that warmed us the most this night.
Falukuriren, 14th July, 2000 (Rhapsody in Rock)

Phenomenal, Frazier ! What a voice, what a woman, what a show !
Pitea Tidning, 10th July, 2000

LaGaylia is a new acquaintance, an American that will give many a happy chock this year.
Aftonbladet 10th July, 2000 (Rhapsody in Rock Concert tour)